I saw the angel in the
marble and carved
until I set him free.

- Michelangelo

A little about us...

Expression Vinyl & Design is owned and operated by Amanda Speers. She fell in love with vinyl decor a few years ago and after tiring of picking from other people's designs, she looked into making her own. After finding the right equipment, learning to use the right software, sifting through thousands of fonts and images, and polishing her customer service skills, Amanda was ready to share her skills. Now she tries to help others gain the same appreciation for vinyl that she has. She's constantly creating new designs, each one beautiful and unique. She has something for everyone, and if something isn't perfect for the interested individual, she can alter it so it's just what that person is looking for. Take a look and you'll see, just as Amanda did, that vinyl is the perfect way to Express yourself.

Check out some of our newest Expressions!

New designs to be added soon.

Could vinyl Expressions make you money?

If you love how Expressions brighten your own space, maybe you would like to share them with your friends and aquaintances. As a consultant, you could do that and pad your pockets in the process. Click here to learn more.